Standard terms and conditions 

  1. Acceptance of terms and conditions of AIRPORTELs Co., Ltd.

Please carefully read these terms and conditions before you access and utilize our services. Our services are only available on the condition that any participant of services consent our terms and conditions. If you don’t agree with the following terms, please DO NOT and CANCEL accessing or using our services. Shall you be noticed that if your booking or participation of your access to or use of services of AIRPORTELs is made by a third party and is on your behalf, it means you agree to and respect these terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy

Our services are only available for users who have been the age 18 or older and become legally adult under Thai laws. By using and accessing our website, application, services, you warrant that you are in the age 18 or older; agree and respect our terms and policy; and be able to form a contract with AIRPORTELs Co., Ltd autonomously. 

  1. Organization

AIRPORTELs Co., Ltd. is an organization registered in the Kingdom of Thailand under number 0125558026773 and with our registered office at Pruksa Ville 64 Saimai 29/217 Saimai Bangkok 10220 (บริษัท แอร์พอเทลล์ จำกัด เลขประจำตัวผู้เสียภาษี 0125558026773 หมู่บ้าน พฤกษาวิลล์ 64 สายไหม 29/217 แขวงสายไหม เขตสายไหม กรุงเทพมหานคร 10220).

  1. Intellectual property rights

All the information, contents, features, and functionalities (including but limited to website, application, software, audio and video, animation, logo, text, display, image, design, and logo) revealed on the channels (including but not limited to website, application, brochure, signage, and flyer) of us are owned by AIRPORTELs Co., Ltd.

  1. Changes to terms and condition

We may update, modify, and change our terms and conditions according to our current deployment and change of Thai and international regulations and legislation. All the information should be referred to the latest version or newly published documents. You are expected to acknowledge the up to date contents of our services when you use our services. In case of divergence of interpretation, the English text will be used.

  1. Users and participants involved

Users and participants are defined as you, the reader of this article, or any third party who utilized, partnered, allied, cooperated, or any other kind of collaboration who participate and is involved in our services.

  1. Privacy policy

All information that is collected by us via our website, application, or counters at airports is subjected to our Privacy Policy. By agreeing and respecting our terms and conditions, you also agree to our Privacy Policy.

  1. Registered users and participants

Signed up as a registered user, you will provide your personal information which includes the followings but not limited to:

By registering in our services, you will be given an account and a coordinated password. You must treat the information confidentially and not disclose it to any person or entity. You acknowledge that you will notify us immediately when your account has unauthorized access or any other kind of security breach. We will have the right to disable any kind of violated, improper, or illegal activity on any property of us and terminate the right of services and account usage when you breach any of the terms.

  1. Booking and reservation

Booking or reservation made by yourself or the other authorized third party is under the identification of the user. All the information should be accurate and acknowledged by the owner of the information. The information of status and circumstance of the services will be updated and notified ONLY via email and/or on Please be notified that the name of booking or reservation should be aligned with the document of identification (passport or ID certification) that will be provided. We ONLY accept PASSPORT, DRIVER LICENSE of Kingdom of Thailand, or ID CARD of THAI CITIZEN for identification. You should always receive accurate and updated e-mails sending ONLY from [email protected] and [email protected] after request or confirmation. All booking information and requests are ONLY referring to e-mail sending from [email protected] and/or printed receipt(s) and slip(s) from AIRPORTELs.

  1. Price and billing

All pricing, transaction, or any other act related to money will be done ONLY via website and/or e-mail or at our counter (reception desk) in the following list Please be aware that any request for money, benefit, or any other kind of transaction which is not happened at our appointed place or channel IS NOT authorized by us.

The price of the services is revealed on the list via our channels. We may change the price, but the price will be SET once a booking or reservation has been confirmed, and all the price revealed is VAT INCLUDED. Any additional request which is not included in the same booking or transaction will be seen as a new order, and the price MAY be different. All transaction can be paid by credit card, debit card, and cash and is in THBTHAI BAHT(฿). Accepted payment methods are in the following list.

  1. Credit/Debit Card (ONLY for cards issued from VISA, MASTER, and JCB)
  2. Paypal
  3. Alipay (ONLY for users from Mainland China)
  1. Cash ONLY in THBTHAI BAHT(฿)
  2. Credit/Debit Card (ONLY for cards issued from VISA, MASTER, JCB, and UNION PAY)
  3. Alipay (ONLY for users from Mainland China)
  4. WeChat Pay (ONLY for users from Mainland China)
  1. Paypal
  2. Alipay (China)
  3. PromptPay (Thailand)

All process of the service, from booking to billing, should be done under the same name and the same person. Real, physical passport or the other accepted certificates of identification WILL BE asked when doing the transaction.

The scale which is used for weighing and formulating the bill is maintained and follow the standard of ISO 9001. As you agree to use the service, you also agree with the results provided by our scale. We will then provide you the accurate invoice with price based on the weight we measured.

You SHALL always receive payment receipt in hard or soft copy after the transaction is done.

  1. Receipt

All detail and information of price of service will be revealed in the invoice once billing is confirmed, and NO hidden charge will be included. You have the right to ask for interpretation if any statement from our services is obscure. The entity who uses the service should be the same as the entity who receive the luggage or bag. The price on an invoice (if provided) and aligned receipt should be exactly the same. Receipt(s) will be given ONLY when a transaction is done and acceptance of this terms and conditions provided by you. By receiving a receipt or receipts, you agree that the service is closed.

  1. Responsibilities of AIRPORTELs

We deliver and provide our services exactly the same as the statement we published via our website, application, and documents at our counter. Subjected to section 13, if we fail to deliver an in-bound delivery on our scheduled delivery time, we will give 100% refund to you. Subjected to section 13, if we fail to deliver an out-bound delivery on our scheduled delivery time, we will be responsible for the necessary payment to send your luggage to the ultimate destination appointed by you. We will notify you any change of circumstance and/or content that will affect the behalf of you via the contact(s) you provide.

  1. Responsibilities of users

You warrant that you DO NOT pack any prohibited item(s), listed in section 15, in your luggage that will be delivered or stored, and the services are used properly. You are responsible for any loss or damage caused by any misuse or breaching of our terms and conditions. The slip of certification and receipt should be taken and preserved by yourself and ready to be checked when you do billing or check out at our counter. You agree that your information provided to us is accurate and acknowledged by yourself either it is given by yourself or an authorized entity. Proof or certification (credit/debit card or passport) of your signature or identification MAY be asked by our associates to ensure your identification.

  1. Shipping policy and security arrangement

All of our services should be used with a lawful purpose. By using our delivery service, you agree to our terms and respect laws of the Kingdom of Thailand. We WILL NOT break your luggage by any illegal purpose, but in certain circumstances, we will collaborate with official or governmental authority of the Kingdom of Thailand for investigation and illegal acts prevention, if any suspicious, illegal, risky, or dangerous items appears when we are notified by Thai official authority or items been found by X-ray scanner or the other non-wrecking investigations. You MAY be asked to let your luggage be checked or investigated by our staff. If you reject to do so, we may refuse to provide you services for security reasons. We have the right to reject and cancel your request, booking, reservation, or any other service if you violate the terms and/or are suspected for any illegal, risky, or dangerous act(s) WITHOUT refund. For security purpose, we MAY collaborate with authorized authorities to investigate any suspicious parcel, bags, or containers in any kind of form we delivered or stored.

You may request luggage seal, a yellow tie with AIRPORTELs logo AND serial number, for each piece of luggage. After sealing, we DO NOT allow to open the seal until the service ends under any circumstance, expect under suspicious event or request for investigation from official or governmental authorities. For additional piece of sealing tie, the fee is 20 THB/piece.

A piece of regular luggage is defined as that each edge (Width, Length, and Height) or diameter of the luggage needed to be delivered SHALL NOT exceed 1 METER (approx. 3’3”) and the weight of each piece of luggage should not exceed 25KG.

  1. Uncontrollable events

We shall not be liable by failing to deliver our services and take care of your luggage in circumstances that are caused by a third party or out of our control as the followings:

  1. Prohibited items 
  1. Liabilities of AIRPORTELs

For labeled luggage and confirmed order, we will ensure the delivery or services to be delivered or provided on time and to the accurate destination and consignee. If we fail to provide our promise, the compensation SHOULD NOT exceed the price or in any value of 100,000 Thai Baht for one order.

We SHALL NOT be liable for any FRAGILE or PERISHABLE item(s) or contents of your luggage delivered by us.

We SHALL NOT be liable for any PROHIBITED item(s) or contents of your luggage delivered by us.

We SHALL NOT be liable for any circumstance when you breach or violate our terms or Thai law(s).

We SHALL NOT be liable for any excluded, dangerous, or prohibited item(s) or contents of your luggage delivered by us.

We SHALL NOT be liable for any of your property or belongings before your luggage or gear is given to us in any circumstance.

We SHALL NOT be liable for any of your property or belongings after the transaction is closed and luggage is retrieved by the customer.

We SHALL NOT be liable for any of your property or belongings if any entity, including you, shows valid references to retrieve your belongings.

We SHALL NOT be liable for any of your property or belongings if any entity, including you, retrieves your belongings out of our counter at the destination.

The sentimental value of items SHALL NOT be relevant to their valuation.

Any attachment on the luggage such as name tag, accessory doll, pillow, or small bag, IS NOT guaranteed on its conditions or loss.

Service usage and booking policies 

  1.  Definition of luggage 
  1.  Booking conditions 
  1.  Amendment conditions 
  1.  Cancellation and refund conditions 
  1.  Notification of change 
  1.  Conditions of Thailand same-day, in-town delivery service 
  1.  Conditions of Thailand nationwide delivery 
  1.  Conditions of storage service 
  1.  Conditions of retrieving luggage 
  1.  Conditions of late retrieval at the AIRPORTELs counter 

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